Donna Leombruno (hocusfocusd70)

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Most of the images in my galleries were shot with the Panasonic Lumix FZ200. There are some images on here shot with my, now ancient, Nikon D70 and now my updated Nikon, the D300. I still prefer to shoot with my Panasonic, mostly because it's the camera I ALWAYS have with me.
After 10 years of shooting a morphing variety of subjects, I feel pretty confident saying that the thing I look for most, or what really grabs my attention, is the combination of color and light. I enjoy reflections, everything sunrise, in-camera tricks, flowers, macros and most of all, lining up subjects with the available background light and color. Culling and editing are not my favorite pastimes so I've learned the patience and art of taking fewer shots. I've almost mastered Lightroom, almost! Lightroom and Snapseed are the only editing programs I currently utilize. Lightroom for images shot with my "real cameras" and Snapseed for images captured with my Samsung S5 camera/phone.

So, feel free to browse. You may purchase any photos you wish directly from this site. There is no need to contact me, though if you wish to, I can be reached at:


If you choose, you may leave comments (and I love them!) in the designated areas. I appreciate an honest critique.
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