This is Plymouth Beach. It's actually a very long peninsula extending from the mainland out into Plymouth Harbor for miles. It's gorgeous! There are no vehicles allowed out there, even the 4 wheel drive ones have to park and walk the the last 2 miles to the point. It's a protected area because of the many species of terns and plovers that nest in the dunes. I was pretty much alone out there and I can't remember the last time I felt that peaceful. There were no other people, other than the dozen or so fellow photo club members. I tend to drop back very quickly from group photo things because I get so caught up in the tiniest of things. Before I realize it, the group is way beyond me. I find I like it better that way. I think I take better pictures when I can just take my time and not worry about holding people up or or trying to keep up. The down side of that tonight was that I barely made it to the Point for the setting sun! I was running down the beach for the last half mile or so, with my tripod (which I never even used!), camera, sandals and water bottle! It was worth it though.You can see some of my fellow photog friends along the shore line, way in the distance. The expanse of beach there is amazing. There was more beach behind me than there was stretching before me, a lot more. In this image I was almost to the end! - hocusfocusd70
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